Michael Gurnow

Michael Gurnow is a former literature and pre-law professor whose linguistic training was overseen by an active NSA language analyst. A noted environmentalist and film critic whose work Pulitzer-recipient Roger Ebert called “very admirable,” Gurnow’s writing spans such topics as national security, veterinary legislation, and overpopulation. His first book, THE EDWARD SNOWDEN AFFAIR, was an international bestseller, while his sophomore effort, NATURE’S HOUSEKEEPER, was dubbed “Thoreau meets Hunter S. Thompson” by Ron Dakron, author of HELLO DEVILFISH!, and “intellectually profound yet outrageously funny” by British Mountaineering Council Ambassador Chris Townsend. Gurnow is editor of the award-winning blog, THE THOR CHALLENGE.




  1. Suzanne Thompson

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    I am a freelance writer for the Southeast Missourian Newspaper and I have an assignment to write about Mr. Gurnow’s newest book. I need to set up a phone interview with him, and also would like to have a copy of the book, if possible. I’m not sure if a copy was sent to the paper in Cape Girardeau, Mo., but I am based in Memphis, Tenn.

    Suzanne Thompson

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