Becky & Todd Outcalt

Becky & Todd Outcalt

Over the years many people have asked if I had any suggestions for prepping for cancer surgery. And here’s my response: As for as the surgery itself or its outcome . . . I have no advice (I’m not a surgeon). But as far as some of those practical matters—those items a person might want to pack or make ready upon return to the real world—I have plenty of advice.

But let’s just focus on the return home. What should you anticipate? What might you need?

A brief list here might include:

  • Additional pillows for the bed, comforters, blankets, etc.
  • A bell by the bed (haven’t you always wanted to ring one?)
  • Foods in the fridge that will fit the diet provided by your doctor (think ahead)
  • Plenty of non-alcoholic drink choices
  • Favorite reading material & reading glasses
  • Favorite movies on DVD or other in a comfortable viewing area
  • Space for therapy exercises (do you need to clear a space?)
  • Special bath soaps or antibiotics approved by the doctor
  • Preparing the room so you have quiet space
  • Favorite scents
  • Favorite music
  • Allowing yourself space and time to recover (think naps and in-home help)
  • Stationery, pens, postage stamps
  • Devotional material or other spiritual helps

This list will help you to get started, but you can certainly add other items, by preference. Once you make your list and check it twice you are certain to be well-prepared for any contingency as you recover from surgery.

~Todd Outcalt

9781935628323_Husbands-Guide-to-Breast-CancerTodd is the author Husband’s Guide to Breast Cancer. He has counseled hundreds of people through cancer and beyond and served as care-giver to his wife of thirty-years during her battle and recovery from breast cancer.