HarvestHowever you will spend the Thanksgiving Holiday, we hope that it is one that you will enjoy from rising to sleeping, and the fondness of the memory will be with you.

At Blue River Press, we are thankful for much. We would like to take this time to thank you for the support you offer us and the time you take to consider our titles to be a part of your library. Whether you are spending the Thanksgiving Holiday in a quiet surrounding or in a place with many people and loud noises, we hope that it is one filled with happiness and contentment. Let us all take time out to reflect on the many things in our lives to give thanks. Big or small, let us be thankful for all.

As we go into this very busy holiday season, we are going to take with us the attitude of gratitude. Blue River Press wishes you a very Happy Thanksgiving from our place to yours. Web Thanksgiving

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