It’s Teacher Appreciation Day! To all teachers out there, we wish you a happy and healthy day. You work hard to offer others the knowledge you have and we thank you for that.

Some of you may not yet have a teaching position and are currently looking. In honor of Teacher Appreciation Day, we have some helpful hints for you to ace your teacher interview.

By Anthony D. Frederick, Ed.D., author of Ace Your Teacher Interview, 2nd Edition

How to Prepare for a Teacher Interview, from Ace Your Teacher Interview, 2nd edition

Ace Your Teacher Interview

Ace Your Teacher Interview

The time and effort you put into getting ready for an interview will often be reflected in the success you will enjoy in an interview. And, please take my word for it, an interviewer will quickly know who

has taken that time and who has made that extra effort to get ready for an interview. That effort will be revealed in the depth of the responses and the breadth of experiences brought to the interview.

Thorough preparation before an interview is just as important as what happens in an interview. Ignore the preparation and you are essentially “shooting yourself in the foot” – putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage even before you say your first word or answer your first question.

One of the most important things you can do in advance of any interview is a self-assessment. This evaluation of your abilities, skills, and talents will help you know what you are good at, and is essential in communicating that information to interviewers. With this list you will be in a better position to demonstrate how your unique set of abilities can be used to educate youngsters in a particular school or district. Arrive at an interview with your strengths in mind and you’ll arrive with the confidence to do well.

Getting ready for an interview may be just as important as the interview itself. Take the time to practice, prepare, and practice again and you will give yourself a decided advantage over all the other potential candidates. The amount of work and effort you devote to the interview before it occurs frequently reaps incredible benefits after the interview is over.

Anthony D. Fredericks, Ed.D

Anthony Fredericks is a nationally recognized educator well known for his practical teacher materials and stimulating and engaging conference presentations.  A professor of education at York College of Pennsylvania, he is an award-winning and best-selling author of more than 150 books, including teacher resource materials (Guided Reading in Grades 3-6), children’s books (Mountain Night, Mountain Day; The Tsunami Quilt), and adult non-fiction titles (The Secret Life of Clams).  His extensive background includes experience as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, professional storyteller, curriculum coordinator, educational consultant, and staff developer.