Tongue Twisters that Teach


This one of a kind book will teach kids proper sentence structure, and allow them to practice their diction through clever alliteration. Tongue Twisters That Teach uses silly text and illustrations to make learning fun.  Perfect for the earliest of learners through elementary school.

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Learning Language through Alliteration! The letters “ABC” are used in many children book titles. There are no children’s books that use the same letter of the alphabet for each word in the sentence using the same sentence format (proper noun, adverb, verb, adjective, noun). This book will fill that gap!

  • Putting a new twist on an alphabet book, this children’s publication rolls silly alliteration, linguistics, and vivid illustrations all into one.
  • Early readers can find parts of speech to be difficult. This book follows the same sentence structure for every letter of the alphabet (think back to diagraming a sentence) to make this easier.
  • Every sentence has the following format: Proper noun, adverb, adjective, verb, noun. With each sentence designed to be fun to read out loud. As a child uses structural rules in language the more “mental grammar” they retain.
  • The book has a “how to use this book” section in the front and a glossary in the back. Teacher and parent learning aids are also be available.
  • The characters are diverse in culture and gender which allow for personal connections. The quirky alliteration, the visual stimulation, and the sound of words will make this a go-to read for children.

This is a picture book. The colorful and easy to understand illustrations are diverse in culture and gender to allow for personal connections with the characters. The quirky alliteration, the visual stimulation, and the sound of words will make this a go-to read for children of all ages.

Kimberly Karzen is a former educator with 25+ years of experience in her field. She currently works at Glenbrook North High School in Northbrook, IL. Kimberly grew up in a very small town in Iowa. She attended Indiana University and ran Cross Country/Indoor/Outdoor track on scholarship. After completing her degree in Marketing at IU she went on to get her teaching certification and master’s in education. Kimberly is also a 500-hour certified registered yoga teacher.

Kristy Oxley is originally from Ripon, North Yorkshire, Kirsty moved to Edinburgh in 2013 to start her degree in illustration at the Edinburgh College of Art. She immediately fell in love with the country and its beautiful landscapes. After graduating in 2017, she continued to live and work in the city as a freelance illustrator.

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