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Woman of Wonder, Madam C.J. Walker

In honor of Women’s History Month, we are looking at some fascinating women who made a mark and a change in this world. Let’s look at this Woman of Wonder, Madam C.J. Walker. Not only was she an outstanding entrepreneur, but she made accomplishments unheard of for the...

Ready for 90 More Years with Betty White

Betty White turns 99 on Sunday, January 17th. Wow! This television legend and darling of the silver screen captivates our attention and brings smiles to our faces. This year, she will be celebrating her birthday in quarantine, but she’s still going to be busy working on the rerelease of her 1970’s syndicated television show produced by her late husband, Allen Ludden, The Pet Set. Featuring her love of animals, celebrities such as Mary Tyler Moore, James Stewart, Burt Reynolds, Doris Day, and Carol Burnett among others will make a special appearance. Based on her long, successful career, we are ready for 90 more years with Betty White.

James Alexander Thom Can Help

James Alexander Thom can help as we take advice from his book Once Upon a Time It Was Now. Here he explains that there is a difference between a historian and a historical novelist. The historian stands in the present and looks back at the past. A historical novelist puts the reader in the midst of past times, past events, past cultures, and creates the feelings that unfold as the story is told.   

Fun Picks for Father’s Day

Dad’s Day is coming up, and we have some fun picks for Father’s Day that your dad is going to love. From fiction to sports, our selection of books will have him reading from cover-to-cover. I’ve chosen a few to present, but, believe me, there are many more that will tickle his fancy. You can view them on our online bookshop.

Storing Food Without Refrigeration

“Most of us on boats don’t have as much refrigerator space as we’d like, yet we go longer between trips to the grocery store than when living ashore. I was thrilled to share all the tricks I’ve learned in a lifetime of adventuring for eating well with very limited—or no—refrigeration.  Meats, eggs, cheese, milk, butter, fruits, and veggies are all not just possible, but some actually last better outside the refrigerator.” Carolyn Shearlock shared.