Clearing Hurdles: The Quest to be The World


For all the worlds great athletes, only one man, the Olympic Gold Medalist in the decathlon, is officially deemed the Worlds Greatest Athlete.

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Eleven Americans have held this near mythical title since Jim Thorpes victory at the 1912 Stockholm Games, and not a single one, from the precocious Bob Mathias to the proud Bruce Jenner, has done it with as much flair or with a more gripping tale than Dan O’Brien. As an orphan who has never met his biological parents, as a recovering alcoholic, as the subject of a timelessly infamous Dan & Dave advertising campaign, as the athlete of perhaps the most publicized and shocking failure in the history of sports, and as a man who persevered through it all to dominate his sport like few athletes ever have, its no wonder Track & Field News calls Dans life the stuff movies are made of.

Author Dan OBrien
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Published 15/06/2012
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