Mike McCarthy: Nobody’s Underdog


Find out how McCarthy, a lightly regarded former tight end from Tiny Baker University and a career assistant coach, helped the Packers win their NFL- 13th world championship. And how McCarthy proved he indeed was “Nobody’s Underdog.”

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Known nationally for winning a Super Bowl and receiving Coach of the Year honors while leading the Green Bay Packers, the Mike McCarthy story begins decades earlier in Pittsburgh, a city famed for its football prodigies.

Born in 1962 and raised in the Steel City Mike followed closely the great Steelers teams of the seventies so it was ironic that he collected his Super Bowl win against that same team many years later.

As an All-Conference player as tight-end during his collegiate career when Mike finished his graduate studies he returned home to join the coaching staff at the University of Pittsburgh. He made his NFL debut as a quality-control assistant for the Kansas City Chiefs then served as their wide-receivers coach. Before getting a job as head coach of the Green Bay Packers McCarthy traveled the circuit with stints in New Orleans and San Francisco.

Always playing or coaching on offense, the head coaching job at Green Bay has been a perfect fit for Coach Mike with the emergence of Aaron Rodgers and the potent Green Bay offense.

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Published 10/01/2011
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