Once Upon a Time It Was NowHave you had an itching desire to write a bestselling novel that would take your readers into an era that once was? Creating stories based on history is not an easy task. Perhaps you need a little help making this bestselling novel believable and accurate. James Alexander Thom can help as we take advice from his book Once Upon a Time It Was Now. Here he explains that there is a difference between a historian and a historical novelist. The historian stands in the present and looks back at the past. A historical novelist puts the reader in the midst of past times, past events, past cultures, and creates the feelings that unfold as the story is told.  

In Once Upon a Time It Was Now, you are given information on how to research and create stories that will bring the modern readers into the past to live and feel the experiences in the story.

The tools found in this book will help you:

  • Find historical archives
  • Conduct field research
  • Re-create the world of your book
  • Achieve credibility
  • Place historical facts within your story

In a way that only Thom can do, he sheds light from his own personal experience. This book will help you create a story that is true to the time but can be related to by today’s reader. His expert advice is priceless.

I want them to grasp not just the how-to tips (and the many how-not-to tips that I’ve learned over thirty-five years in this trade), but especially that transcendent sense of being in another time, when this was a different world. I hope they will come to understand just what I mean when I say, “Once upon a time it was now.” —James Alexander Thom

James Alexander Thom is a best-selling author (Follow the River, From Sea to Shining Sea, Sign-Talker). His American frontier and Native American war novels have won national awards and sold more than two million copies. Two were made into television films, by Hallmark and Ted Turner.

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