Peek inside the basketball franchise of the Boston Celtics and find out even more about the famous tales of this legendary team. Some of the stories

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Highlights from the beginning of the franchise to the 2022 NBA Finals

may be familiar while other are glimpses into less known but ever-fascinating activities.

Travel back in time with players like Bob Cousy, Bill Russell, John Havlicek, and Larry Bird and discover facts about the 17-time world champions and the jam-packed history that goes along with them. But Boston Celtics history is not the only tales to tell in Celtic Legends: Pivotal Moments, Players, & Personalities. You will also read about the present-day stars that are also included such as Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown.

11 Crowns in 13 Years

No sports team was more deserving of the Dynasty label than the Celtics who won 11 crowns in 13 years in the 1950s and 1960s. They stamped the Celtic green and white colors in the minds of basketball fans everywhere under famed coach Red Auerbach.

A Team for the Times

Simultaneously, the Celtics acted as the most progressive of organizations, becoming the first basketball team to draft an African-American player under the guidance of owner Walter Brown and the first to field an all-Black starting lineup. Cousy virtually invented the point guard role and Russell, the winningest athlete in North American professional sport, effectively invented defense while also becoming the first African-American coach in the league and the first in modern pro sport.

Where Did That Phrase Come From?

Phrases such as “Celtics Mystique” worked their way into the lexicon as so many aspects of Celtic history permeated the league, including gravel-voiced announcer Johnny Most, the NBA’s most recognizable court, the parquet floor at the Boston Garden, and the grand and great team rivalries pitting Boston against the St. Louis Hawks, each of Wilt Chamberlain’s teams, and the most enduring: Celtics-Lakers.

The Celtics personified unselfish basketball, the team game, the fast break. With so many members of the franchise voted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, the Celtics could have their own wing.

The Writer

The author, Lew Freedman is a native of Boston, Massachusetts and has followed the Celtics all of his life. He has written stories about the team for many publications. Lew knows the Celtics, and Celtic Legends is packed-full of history, facts, and information about this legendary team.

The Legends Series

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