Don’t you think it’s time to dive into some Christmas mysteries? Not just any Christmas mystery, let’s mingle it with a little romance, and mix it with lots of twists and chances to keep you turning the pages. These three Christmas tales will keep you in the Christmas spirit and on the edge of your seat. Let’s take a look at the three books in the Mary Christmas Mystery series.


Slay Bells

This is the first book in the series. The lead character is, you guessed it, Mary. She is single. She is beautiful. And she’s a mortician. Though Mary is a powerhouse of strength, she has a caring and nurturing side to her. She stands by people in the worst times of their lives and their lowest points. Something odd happened during the Christmas rush. A “John Doe” disappeared from the embalming room whirling her into the police investigation. Mary needed to take matters into her own hands in the process of investigation a murder determined to find the missing body. Without warning, she found herself falling into a heart-warming romance, but her adventure led her into danger and secrecy.

Bleak Midwinter

This is the second book in the Mary Christmas Mystery series and is a must-read following Slay Bells as Mary is thrust into the middle of the next investigation. This time it is a double-homicide investigation. As she edges into more danger, she is aided by friends and forced to deal with an array of interesting yet odd personalities from a grieving sister to a released convict.  Will she be able to unravel the mystery of this double homicide and maintain the new love in her life?


Cold Snap

Mary’s romance continues to bud in this third book from A Mary Christmas Mystery series. Where Bleak Midwinter leaves off, Cold Snap picks up the adventures in Mary’s life and career. In this investigation, two people have been poisoned. They are trying to pinpoint who would do this and what could be the motive. Mary is determined to find out and goes to work tirelessly to get the answers. This time she ends up in the midst of a scandal centered around business and all the matters that could lead to murder.

 How does Mary continue her work as a funeral director and coroner and also have time to build a Yuletide romance? Each page holds passion and intrigue.

R.L. Perry’s vivid imagination and love for mysteries and romance come to life on the pages of these Mary Christmas Mystery Series books. 

 Pick up the series today, and get one for your mystery-loving friends to help keep them in the Christmas spirit!

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 Happy Reading ~ Ginger Bock