Homicide for the Holidays

Mysteries bring a thrill and challenge to all of us. We can’t help but to get involved in the plot and the constant curiosity of whodunit. It keeps us on our toes as we are whirled into the midst of the story trying to figure out who exactly is the one causing the chaos and crimes. Add to the thrill the Christmas season and you have now holiday intrigue to add to your Christmas list. Included in Homicide for the Holidays are 12 short mysteries that have been spun out by some of Indiana’s best mystery writers from the talented members of Speed City Indiana Chapter of Sisters in Crime. Each mystery is set in the charming Midwest state of Indiana and written by Indiana authors.

As you get ready to dive into each story, you will want to fix a warm cup of cocoa, curl up in a comfy chair, and enjoy the coziness of the season while moving to the edge of your seat to play detective and puzzle out these captivating mysteries.

Oh, but that’s not all. Homicide for the Holidays does not just provide you with seasonal entertainment. Each author has included one of their most treasured festive recipes that demonstrates the heart of their story or the personality of the main character.

Looking for some last-minute gifts? Look no further than this exciting holiday anthology. Pick one up wherever books are sold.

Happy Reading ~ Ginger Bock


Speed City Indiana Sisters in Crime—an organization of Indiana mystery writers whose members have contributed to a collection of anthologies.

Diana Catt moved around the Midwest for college, post-graduate studies, jobs – then ended up in rural Indiana. She raised three kids to perfection, trained pets of every ilk, and never had weeds in her flower beds. Life has been good – so she creates mysteries and weird stories to add a welcome level of disorder and suspense. Diana has had 14 short story publications.

Marianne Halbert’s stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and magazines on the cutting edge of speculative fiction. She grew up in the heartland devouring mysteries and horror, and loves to read and write anything quirky, spooky, downright creepy, surprising or moving. While she abhors gore for gore’s sake, she thrills on creating tension, and edge-of-your-seat suspense, and shades-of-gray characters that make you think of them years after the pages have closed.

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