Tales from the Clubhouse

Hearing stories from those who lived in an era different from our own is fascinating. The tales are especially more interesting when they come from people we have looked on from afar, watched play a game with anticipation, or heard of them from lessons in history. Tales from the Clubhouse introduces us to meet the greatest baseball players from across this land.  These stories will indulge us in enriching messages that will make us smile, cause us to think, and help us relive the moments that made their stories memorable.

The clubhouse is the place where players would hang out before and after each game. There they would share in the stories that were worth repeating over again. In Tales from the Clubhouse, author and sports journalist, Lew Freedman remembers the glory days with players such as Hank Aaron, Ted Williams, Pete Rose, Randy Johnson, Ernie Banks, Jim Palmer, Wilbur Wood, Tony Perez, and Stan Musial to name a few. It will not only discuss their greatest plays, but also share in the stories that developed their baseball lives.

Travel back in history as we discover what made these moments memorable and worthy to be shared.

Lew Freedman has written several books that Blue River Press has published. A few have been Celtic Legends, The 50 Greatest Pirates Every Fan Should Know, The 50 Greatest Tigers Every Fan Should Know, The Story of Basketball Great, Clyde Lovellette. Not limited to sports writing, Lew has also written for young readers the award winning, All About Amelia Earhart and All About Sir Edmund Hilary. He is also an award-winning journalist who has worked for the Philadelphia Inquirer, Chicago Tribune, Anchorage Daily News, and currently writes for the Seymour Tribune in Indiana. Freedman is the winner of more than 300 awards and the author of more than 100 books. He, his wife Debora, and dog Boston, live in Indiana.

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