If you are serious about landing that teaching position you have always wanted, educator and award-winning bestselling author, Anthony D. Fredericks Ed.D, has written two Ace Your Teacher books that offer you a look into the best ways to help you best understand ways to be successful in writing your resume and fulfilling your teacher interview. Read on to see how important these books are to add to your library of advice. Make notes so that you too will ace your teacher interview and your teacher resume.

Ace Your Teacher Interview

One of the best ways to learn something is through experience, or listening to someone else with the experience from which you need to glean. We offer you that opportunity through this book, Ace Your Teacher Interview. Because Dr. Fredericks has partaken in his share of interviews from both sides of the market, he has a great amount of insider information that will be valuable to you as you prepare to go after your teaching job. In this book you will receive his wisdom and the experience of many educators who have been around the block a few times in the educator’s adventure world. This is a sourcebook that offers you

  • How to prepare for interviews
  • Various interview formats
  • Interview question
  • The best way to respond to those questions
  • How to handle tricky questions
  • What impresses an interviewer
  • How to stand out and be noticed
  • Priceless information on how to succeed

There is nothing boring about getting the information that will help get you hired, so on top of that, you will have fun reading Dr. Frederick’s jocularity.

What readers have said about Ace Your Teacher Interview:

“I just got my dream job in a great school district because this book made me a more desirable candidate.”

“This should be required reading for all Education Majors.  I spent one year looking for a teaching job with no luck.  I bought this book, and it taught me what I was doing wrong in interviews and on applications.  I now have a full time teaching job that I love!”

“Excellent tips! I have interviewed multiple times; then I read the book and landed my first teaching job!”

“As the title promises, I aced all of my interviews and had multiple job offers.”

“I had three interviews. Offered two jobs and I got to choose which I wanted most!”

“Every question I was asked in the interview was in this book!”


Ace Your Teacher Resume

The question of how to write a resume that will land you the dream teaching job is asked thousands of times by thousands of potential teachers every year.  Finally, there is an answer. The fresh advice and practical guidelines from many principals and superintendents from around the country are found in Ace Your Teacher Resume (& Cover Letter). Receive clarity on the type of vocabulary and key words/phrases that are important to school administrators and what they look for.

You won’t leave out important items needed on your resume. With this book you will have proven strategies along with samples of cover letters and resumes to help you write your own unique and distinct ones.

Want to get past the high-tech resume scanners and electronic databases? Ace Your Teacher Resume will show you how.


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The Author

Anthony D. Fredericks, Ed.D. is a nationally recognized educator well known for his practical teacher materials and stimulating and engaging conference presentations.  A professor of education at York College of Pennsylvania, he is an award-winning and best-selling author of more than 150 books, including teacher resource materials (Guided Reading in Grades 3-6), children’s books (Mountain Night, Mountain Day; The Tsunami Quilt), and adult non-fiction titles (The Secret Life of Clams).  Ace Your Teacher Resume is the second in a series, it follows Ace Your Teachers Interview. His extensive background includes experience as a classroom teacher, reading specialist, professional storyteller, curriculum coordinator, educational consultant, and staff developer.

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Compiled by Ginger Bock

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