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In All About Frederick Douglass young readers ages 9 years through 13 years will learn about one of the best known African-Americans of the nineteenth century.

Frederick Douglass was born into slavery, but successfully escaped to the north in 1832 after teaching himself to read and write.

He became a masterful lecturer for the American Anti-Slavery Society and dedicated his life to equality. His writing helped him spread his ideas of justice, and he wrote three autobiographies, which were wildly successful around the world.

Frederick advised the eight American presidents from Abraham Lincoln to Benjamin Harrison, and he promoted the rights of oppressed groups.

Frederick envisioned a country with universal justice, and one that would ensure equality by law no matter one’s race, gender, or ethnicity.

All About Frederick Douglass is illustrated throughout. It is written for children grades 4th through 8th.

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About the Author

Robin L. Condon earned her B.A. from Johns Hopkins University, her M.A. from University of Chicago, and is currently a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Chicago. Robin is the editor at the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies, and the Textual Editor for Institute for American Thought. Condon served for six years as an editor of the Frederick Douglass Papers project before joining the Bradbury Center. She authored the volume introduction for the critical edition of Life and Times of Frederick Douglass (Yale University Press, 2013). She is currently writing about Douglass as a reader, and her interests include Bradbury and race as well as Bradbury as a twentieth-century historian.

Bryan Janky is the illustrator for All About Frederick Douglass. He attended college at the American Academy of Art in Chicago, where he obtained a degree in illustration. Bryan has always focused his skills and efforts towards becoming a children’s book illustrator. Aside from illustrating, Bryan draws caricature portraits and designs customized resumes.

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