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Reading All About Brontë Sisters you can follow along in the footsteps of the Brontë family, learn of their home life, what life upon the Yorkshire moors was like, and schooling, romance, and their publishing success. As with every All About…People series books this book has an at least 55 b/w illustrations, index, glossary, bibliography, and famous quotes section. 

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The Brontë Sisters grew up on the moors of England, running through the open landscape and filling it with people and stories from their imaginations. The three Victorian Era authors gave rise to a new wave of female authors by publishing their popular books first under male pseudonyms, then using their real names when their books became successes.

The three sisters kept each other company and formed a writing troupe that would create some of the most influential and memorable works of their time. Poems like ‘No Coward Soul is Mine’ by Emily, novels like Jane Eyre, Wuthering Heights, and Agnes Grey by Charlotte, Emily, and Anne, respectively.

Follow along in the footsteps of the Brontë family, including home life, life upon the moors, schooling, romance, and publishing success.

“I’ve been a fan of Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre for almost half a century, and a fan of the books by her sisters Emily and Anne for almost as long. But until reading All About the Bronte Sisters by Carolyn Burns Bass, I never knew so many fascinating details about their lives. This is a great intro to turn young readers into fans but also a great companion for young readers who are already fans. And the illustrations by Colleen Deignan really bring the story to life. Highly recommended.”       ~ Lauren Baratz-Logsted, author of I Love You, Michael Collins and The Sisters 8 series

Author: With a sword swallower as a father and a closet chanteuse for a mother, it’s no wonder Carolyn Burns Bass became a writer. A longtime journalist for entertainment, travel and lifestyle media, Carolyn has blogged for The Huffington Post and covers the travel for She’s had short fiction published in The Rose & Thorn, Breath & Shadow, and MetroFiction e-zines. As a finalist for the 2013 Eric Hoffer Award, her short story “Sketches Past and Present” appears in the anthology, Best New Writing 2013.

Illustrator: Colleen Deignan is an illustrator and sculptor who graduated from Herron School of Art with a B.F.A, majoring in Drawing and Illustration and a minor in Art History.

Cover Artist: Nicole M. Santiago aims to interest and captivate young readers with inspirational figures. She weaves pieces of the figures’ lives into her work to create interesting and representative art.

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