Ohio Crosswords, 3rd Edition



Puzzle fans across America have asked for more, so here it is: Ohio Crosswords, 3rd Edition. This edition includes all new puzzles and trivia. You will also find much more state history and fun facts than before. Puzzle topics include sports, government, big cities, rural hamlets, famous Buckeyes and more.

You asked for it, you got it. It’s time now to test your knowledge of Ohio and the people who made it famous! From the six U.. S. presidents who called Ohio home to legendary golfer Jack Nicklaus to the voice of Bart Simpson, Nancy Cartwright.  You will have a blast working crosswords, word searches, trivia and many more puzzles. They are created to be appropriate for all ages. Whether you’re a life-long resident of Ohio or just a curious tourist, Ohio Crosswords, 3rd Edition will provide hours of enjoyment and entertainment and give you, the reader, an amazing, fact-filled look at the Buckeye State.

About the Author

Dale Ratermann has published more than 40 sports books. He is retired NBA (National Basketball Association) executive and currently the puzzle editor of five newspapers. Previous books include Phillies Fun & Games 9780981928906, Unofficial Colts Trivia 9780976336181, California Crosswords 9780976336129 & Michigan Crosswords 9780979924026.

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