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Sage, scientist, entrepreneur, and versatile American statesman.

Sage, scientist, entrepreneur Ben Franklin was a versatile American statesman.

All About Martin Luther King Jr.

All About Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


All About Frederick Douglas

All About Frederick Douglass

Roberto Clemente was an icon of baseball.

A highly skilled and popular player Roberto Clemente became an icon of baseball.


All About Sir Edmund Hillary

All About Edmund Hillary

All About Amelia Earhart

All About Amelia Earhart


Each book is digest sized, 128 pages in length and contains between 50 and 60 illustrations, an index, bibliography, glossary, timeline, and quotes. Each historical biography covers the full life of the individual in 10,500 to 11,000 words and a preface. Written by well credentialed authors, beautifully illustrated and retailing for just $5.99 these books are a value for each reader’s budget.

In 2017 look for books on Stephen Hawking, Winston Churchill, Madam C.J. Walker, Rosalind Franklin other great figures from American and world history.


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