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Comfort, Then and Now

By James Alexander Thom We modern Americans have so many comforts of all kinds that we can hardly imagine what hardships our ancestors endured just to get through their days. That is an important truth that a good historical writer should strive to reveal in the...

How to Prepare for a Teacher Interview

It's Teacher Appreciation Day! To all teachers out there, we wish you a happy and healthy day. You work hard to offer others the knowledge you have and we thank you for that. Some of you may not yet have a teaching position and are currently looking. In honor of...

A Tribute to Steelers Owner Dan Rooney

By Andrew Conte, author of The Color of Sundays, 2017 Blue River Press A few months after Bill Nunn Jr. died, his former boss Dan Rooney saw me at Steelers headquarters one day, smiled and told me, "Well that worked out perfectly for you." It had taken me months to...

Saint Patrick’s Battalion – Padraic Quinn’s Diary

New Orleans ✴ June 15, 1845 Since God and my mother saw fit to make me literate, I have made up my mind to keep a diary. This is the beginning of it. Nothing much is happening to write about at this time, but it appears the United States Army will be going to...

Martin’s Great Words

Martin's Great Words One of the privileges I've enjoyed through writing All About Martin Luther King, Jr., is speaking to children.  It is an honor to talk to children about Martin's life and the grand ideas of equality and justice that shaped his life from beginning...