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His Life and Works

Sadly the world lost a great visionary physicist when Stephen Hawking passed away on March 14, 2018 at the age of 76. Though Stephen has passed on, his life and works are captured in the early reader, All About Stephen Hawking.  Diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral...

We Regret to Inform You

We regret to inform you By Rand Mills, co-author of Summer Wind: A Soldier's Road from Indiana to Vietnam Wars have many universal qualities. Recently, a friend of ours who is an army chaplain shared a story. His cell phone rang at 2:30 in the morning. He was told by...

Stretch Your Way to Better Health

Stretching is an important part of life. Doing it regularly keeps us flexible and agile. Stretch Therapy details the delightful realms of anatomy, physiology, and stretching! Included in the book are basic terms for you to become familiar with as you go through the...

The 365 Day War

The 365 Day War by Randy Mills In the book he co-authored with his wife Roxanne, Summer Wind, they share the touching story of a Vietnam soldier preserved in scores of letters he sent home. The following is a small glimpse into the hardships and trials the many...

Remembering Martin on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Today we remember a great man who helped to change the face of the United States. As one of the most influential leaders of the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is known as a man whose work toward equality was not done in vain. The following comes...