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4 Quick Tips to Practice Meditation

Commit to practicing your meditation for ten minutes (or more) each day. If that seems too overwhelming to you at the beginning, start with five minutes and tack on one minute every day. Set a timer and try to practice at the same time every day, which could be following your daily yoga practice.

Hidden Talent

By Andrew Conte, author of The Color of Sundays, in this blog post, he brings to light the hidden talent. Championships are made in the late rounds. Everyone knows about the first-round picks, the guys sitting in the green room waiting for their name to be called. The...

Clyde Lovellette Discusses Phog Allen

The following is an excerpt from the new book, The Story of Basketball Great Clyde Lovellette written by Clyde Lovellette and Lew Freedman, Blue River Press, 2015 Phog Allen was like a father to me. I couldn’t say I knew that would be the case when he was recruiting...