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Betty White Trending

It may be still a few weeks before she turns 100 years old, but that hasn’t stopped Betty White from trending. Her fans have known for a long time how special, funny, and endearing she is, and we are looking forward to celebrating her 100th birthday. Betty has a long...

Thinking You Are Creative

One of the most prevalent psychological misconceptions, or societal myths, is that we are either born creative or not.  That is, there are two kinds of people in the world:  the creative ones and those who couldn’t come up with a creative idea if their life depended on it. Because of our own frustrations in generating creative thoughts, we often group people into the creative “haves” and the creative “have-nots.”

Creativity is About Connections

One of the more persistent myths about creativity is that a creative idea is a totally original idea.  That is, to be creative one must be able to create ideas that have never been thought before.  The thinking is that each idea must be new, original, and fresh – a thought or an object that has never before existed in any shape or form.  It is absolutely original.

Creativity vs. Logic

Too often, we think logically.  Our education and experiences have taught us that logical thinking is planned, systematic, and dependable.  That’s true, but too much logical thinking crushes our creative instincts and frequently prevents the generation of unique and signature ideas.  We often sacrifice creativity for efficiency.

Are You Creative…or Not?

Simply put, our natural sense of creativity has been swept out of our minds by a system of societal myths, educational practices, workplace habits, and everyday expectations more focused on conformity than on fostering creative expression.  We have not been trained to generate a plethora of creative solutions when faced with intellectual challenges.  In so many ways, our thinking has become “McDonald’s-ized” – it’s standardized and predictable.  “Thinking outside the box” is not what we do well. 

Chaotic Courthouses

The courthouse represents a place of order, respect, justice, and judgment. It is supposed to anyway. There have been shocking and tragic events in the courthouse where raw emotions erupt and even violence ensues. Courthouse Chaos: Famous & Infamous Trials, Mob Violence, & Justice by Andrew E. Stoner cover frenzied courtroom stories that have taken place across the country throughout the years.