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Road Trip Trivia Books

If you’re planning to take a road trip, it’s always helpful to make a list so you don’t forget to bring all the important items needed for that trip.  If you won’t be the one in the driver’s seat the extent of the trip, you will want the list to include books! Not...

Hey, Doc, I Have a Few Questions

By Anthony Fredericks, Ed.D. The following is an excerpt from Dr. Frederick’s most recent release, Ace Your First Year Teaching Right about now you have some concerns and worries about this new year that is fast approaching. Yup, you and all those other beginning...

Facts in Fiction

By James Alexander Thom Mark Twain said, "The difference between history and historical fiction is, fiction has to be believable." That's funny. But it's also very true. Why so? Because the reader of history counts on the story being true, since it was written by a...

Comfort, Then and Now

By James Alexander Thom We modern Americans have so many comforts of all kinds that we can hardly imagine what hardships our ancestors endured just to get through their days. That is an important truth that a good historical writer should strive to reveal in the...

How to Prepare for a Teacher Interview

It's Teacher Appreciation Day! To all teachers out there, we wish you a happy and healthy day. You work hard to offer others the knowledge you have and we thank you for that. Some of you may not yet have a teaching position and are currently looking. In honor of...