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Lost in the Wilderness (Part 1)

Lost in the Wilderness (Part 1)
This Fall, 700,000 adjunct instructors will be hired to teach more than 16 million full and part-time undergraduate college students.

Insights on the Creative Process

We all aspire to be creative individuals.  Unfortunately, the concept of creativity is something often shrouded in secrecy, wrapped in myths, and subject to much misunderstanding.  In this article, I’ll address some of the most pressing questions about creativity and why it can be a natural and normal part of your everyday activities.

Were You Born Creative? Or Not?

Creative Minds A Regular Column by Anthony D. Fredericks Were You Born Creative?  Or Not? How often have you heard the following statements?  Alternatively, and more specifically, how often have you said these statements yourself?:  “I couldn’t draw a straight line if...

Saint Patrick’s Battalion

Proud and doomed, these rogue Irish gunners fought against those who they once fought side-by-side in order to defend Catholic Mexico against the U.S. Army that was attacking them. They would either hang as turncoats, win the battle, or die trying.

More Curiosity = More Creativity

As children we are innately curious.  Our thinking is unfettered and our horizons are limitless.  We are willing to explore our world without boundaries, without restraints.  But, as we mature, our upbringing, our education, and our workplaces force us to become logical, pragmatic, factual, and…well, considerably less curious.  Knowing the answers, rather than asking the questions, becomes the priority.  Know lots of “stuff” and you can get good grades, get a good job, and have a good life.