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Storing Food Without Refrigeration

“Most of us on boats don’t have as much refrigerator space as we’d like, yet we go longer between trips to the grocery store than when living ashore. I was thrilled to share all the tricks I’ve learned in a lifetime of adventuring for eating well with very limited—or no—refrigeration.  Meats, eggs, cheese, milk, butter, fruits, and veggies are all not just possible, but some actually last better outside the refrigerator.” Carolyn Shearlock shared.

Cognitive Enhancers

Food can greatly affect our brain’s performance, and so can stress and trauma. If you are working from all angles to enhance your brain function, including your dietary choices, then your mental abilities will become
stronger. Foods with omega-three fatty acids, B vitamins, and antioxidants are wonderful components, and with those, your heart and blood vessels will also reap the benefits.

Creativity: The Comparison Myth

Creativity: The Comparison Myth By Anthony D. Fredericks, Ed.D. The following is an excerpt from chapter 14 of Fizzle: The Hidden Forces Crushing Your Creativity.  In any discussion of creativity, there is one persistent myth that refuses to go away. In fact, it is so...

Calming Foods

There are certain foods that calm your nervous system. I find I naturally crave these foods, especially at night. Please note that they are all healthy and relaxing to the system. These are my favorites:

Aromatherapy, Ayurveda, and Addressing Trauma

Why it works: Aromatherapy is an immediate attitude adjustment that affects the limbic system of the brain, a set of regions that regulate fear, anxiety, memory, and other processes. In Ayurveda, aromatherapy is valued for its easy-to-use positive benefits, without side effects.

Anti-Inflammation Diet – or What NOT to Eat

Anti-Inflammation Diet—or What NOT To Eat The following is an excerpt from Healing Trauma with Yoga: Go from Surviving to Thriving with Mind-body Techniques by Beth Shaw. On top of adding clean foods into your diet, it’s important to eliminate those foods that are bad...